Jewellery as a gift

Women loved to pampered, and jewellery is one gift that is sure to win them over. Whether you are buying the jewellery or making it yourself, it is important that you make the effort to figure out what style she would want.

gift jewelry

There is no point going to the effort of making a ring for your girlfriend if she is never going to wear it! If you want to go all out, then you can throw in some exotic bubble baths, a bottle of wine, and a few scented candles to the mix to give her a gift basket she will be sure to remember.

Choosing to Buy or Make Your Own Gift Rings
If you decide to buy the rings online from a reputable fashion jewellery dealer, then you will have a huge selection to choose from. Large oversized fashion rings have risen in popularity, and the trend just seems to keep growing. Most retailers, high street or online, will have a wide variety of rings and other jewellery to choose from.

If you want to give your gift a personal touch, then crafting the rings is easy if you have the correct supplies and follow a few simple steps. With great looking materials, you will be able to craft rings of stunning quality in plenty of eye-catching designs and colors. High-quality blank rings of any material, E6000 glue, cutting tools and gemstones of your choice will be required for any ring making project. If you are unable to obtain that particular brand of glue, then any glue that is strong and that dries transparent will work. To make the rings, you simply cut the gemstones down to size if they aren’t already the size that you need them to be, and then you glue them into the ring settings. Once they have been glued, you should leave the ring to dry for at least 24 hours. It can be very tempting to test the strength of the glue or to see if has dried but refrain from doing this as it can weaken the bond considerably if done prematurely.

Finishing Touches to Make Your Gift Great
If you are presenting the ring as a gift, you should probably acquire a dainty gift box as well that would be suitable for the style of ring that you have purchased or made. Jewellery boxes made of velvet or satin can be purchased online, or you can make your own if you buy a blank box and the fabric that is needed to make it look really great. It is important to have slits in the case that will hold the piece of jewellery in place, so that it does not get jarred or broken when you are transporting it from one location to the next.

Finally, if you have the times try to make the process of giving her the gift a bit more special. That might involve slipping the box into her handbag so that she finds it as a surprise or taking her out to dinner. AS the old saying goes “it is the effort that counts!”.

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