Jumpsuits, even in winter

There are certain items that we keep in our wardrobe each season hoping to take them back within a year, either with good weather, or when it starts to cool again.


However, the fashion world is changing, and slowly the pieces are globalized to be used regardless of the weather. This is the case of the monkeys or jumpsuits, between shorts and top to become one body.

Although its have always been intended, or deemed to form the perfect look for summer nights, accompanied by thin heel sandals and clutch, slowly begins to change that perception.

The decade of the nineties was chosen to wear this kind of monkeys every day, and come back stronger than ever this fall/winter.

The colors are moderated compared to summer jumpsuits, who bet on the fluorine, flowers or bright hues. For winter, we bet on black, a chic version in midnight blue or pearl gray, these unique set of clothes, looking for that unique outfit that is not only reserved for summer evenings.

To do this, combine your monkeys with dancers to go comfortable daily, as these are not reserved exclusively for moments of relax or party, but you can also use them to go to work. If, however, you prefer to reserve or with your best stilettos that not only will hone your figure, but also will make it seem much more slender and slim. Although it may seem a priori, the monkeys are not reserved for tall women, as these are a very elegant garment for any height.

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