Keys to Body Fashion Trends to mark your curves!

This period, the girls have turned combatants and want to show the riskiest tendencies. And the one that we show you next comes treading loudly and showing meat… Will you dare with the body?

The famous ones have already been inspired by the proposals of walkway and have recorded in notebooks which are the trends that cannot fail to carry this season. And while the cold begins to tighten, what are a few degrees lower compared to a body silhouetted look and swagger to the flashes?

In fact, many of them as Eva Mendes, Lana del Rey, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba have been on the cover of major fashion magazines wearing the already known, and also repetitive, bodies of Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.

Which we propose here is not as bright as those already wore them. But the key is that these pieces as it is season know it and know how to put it. Not only matter whether you go right, but you know with what supplements to take and which ones can not.

As you know, this is a tight piece. So, unless you have some emergency measures, try combining it with baggy pants or XXL skirts. Too tight to the body itself can be sexy, but not for an early-morning hours. Therefore, we propose three looks for you to know what time of day you take the body, and what the best way to put it is.

The first example is the daytime look. We propose a very discreet body, black and white. It can combine with jeans, best loose trousers or tongs, for example.

Arrives late and must be changed. No more formality. We can choose a long skirt. It depends on the plan and it depends with who you’ve been or comfort you seek, choose between a pencil skirt and a long chiffon skirt.

And finally, the night look comes from the hand of this spectacular galaxy stylish body. It is best combined with equally special garments, and has the night we look to roll out. A midi skirt or a short. It depends on how much you dare. That yes, will have to be risky for this garment in any key. Move your body with the trend with more vertigo of the season!

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