Latest trends in skirts, what is your favorite?

Now that is about good weather, is very common to wear short skirts and show off leg. The truth is that there are many types of skirts and even more ways to wear them. What is your favorite?

trends in skirts

There are so many types of skirt as days of the week. For do not stay without look, we present seven skirts that will be more this spring-summer 2014.

Tulip Skirt: It is the trend of the moment it. Inspired by Holland’s national flower, the tulip skirt marks waist and brand, in turn, gives volume to the hips more tightly ending above the knees. Sometimes, this type of skirts can not styling too but everything will depend on its length.

Mini Skirt: For years ago but we never appeared tired of carrying it. This is a very sensual to expose almost the entire leg and also is very summary piece. This season have triumphed leather mini skirts that even gave a touch more sexy and aggressive.

trends in skirts

Bandage Skirt: It is a retro style clothing, loose-fitting and strange combinations of prints and colors.

Long Skirt: Elegant and modern at the same time, the long skirt is perfect for all types of women. In winter usually take only evening events but when the heat comes, we can wear it on any occasion: to go to the beach to spend a nice evening…

Balloon Skirt: This type of skirt can get to fit well with thin people, but if you have hips, we recommend that you tend to increase the volume. A very nice way to take it with a top and heels.

Pencil Skirt: This skirt often worn to job interviews because it generate very classic look that usually gives very good impression. It is almost always used below the knee and combine with shirts or blouses.

Culotte Skirt: For those undecided what better than the skirt that combines both garments. This garment was trend a couple of years ago and it seems that this spring will return.

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