If there is a maximum in the fashion world is that when choosing items of clothing for a key ‘look’, or the accessories is that we must go for those timeless but unique parts, and involving a wardrobe.


There is a garment in question is ideal for Christmas, and uses it constantly, especially on New Year’s Eve: Little Black Dress.

This is LBD or the little black dress of choice for many times in the year, from one that is combined with sandals and a colorful wallet in summer, to the biker jacket or a more ornate look, like it’s the last night of the year. To be great this New Year’s Eve, says the following tricks to get out of your Little Black Dress, a sure bet to succeed without risk, and in order to have a piece of wardrobe that is sure to put a lot more this winter.

Option 1: Total Black Look. Bet everything on black, combining your dress with some rooms or peep toes in the same color, as well as stockings and the clutch. You will be a femme fatale.

Option 2: Baroque Look. Combine your outfit with accessories. It is one of the few times that you can take risks with high maximum power accessories, without seeming excessive, since clothing is most discreet. To do this, you can use earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold to match your shoes or sequined clutch.

Option 3: Multicolor Look. Match your dress with shoes in a festive tone, such as red. To play with your lips in rouge and may be in the clutch, it will be the perfect bet.

Option 4: Demure Look. The nude is always there to save your life in a matter of fashion, and you can go elegant and perfect if the other accessories that go with the dress of this color are concerned.

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