If there is a product of makeup that we use every day of the year, whatever the occasion and regardless where we are going to run, that’s the foundation. Choosing the best foundation for our skin is what will make us feel safe when our makeup and we can be perfect all the time for establishing the beauty look.

apply foundation

But are we sure that we apply foundation perfectly? It can be very obvious in the first instance, but it is not so. Therefore, since we left our guidelines to follow so that every time we apply the foundation makeup, the result is successful.

On the one hand, we never give up the sponge. This will cause not only that we plant best liquid makeup, but that we can save, because that will always be some remains that we can leverage for the next time. Once we consider the amount thrown on the sponge, it’s time to start acting.

The main thing is to start with the nose, on either side to the cheekbones and itself. Later, we have to go down for both sides of the face indistinctly, up to the upper lip, chin and move up. If we find it difficult to skip the mouth, it is better that we outfit it also so it is not up to us outcry. It’s okay if we do, because we will then apply the lipstick, which will be arranged. Last but not least be the front and side of the ears, very relevant if we collected hair, a monkey or similar, since cannot be us rolls in this case. If we sprinkled the makeup in a considerable quantity at all times, then we are always perfect.

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