Learn how to combine the shorts this spring

If there is something that all of us have clear with the arrival of spring and the weather is nice, the fact is that the legs are to show them and to presume of them teaching them with the shortest garments.

combine shorts

In this case, we do not focus on pieces such as dresses or skirts, but in the shorter version of pants: shorts. Whatever type of body you have, this type of clothing is available to any woman who wants to feel feminine, sexy and comfortable all at the same time. With what kind of looks we must combine it if we want to be winners in a matter of style? Points out our selection.

Outfit 1: Bet exclusively to the more pure lady style on the season. That is, at this time become a gauzy blouse we can put feeling inside pin ups for a day, or outside if we want to give the impression more softly. In the feet, shoes or wedges, always with heel.

Outfit 2: Casual. Flat sports of any type and condition, with a knotted checkered shirt. This will make us look more bohemian and hipsters for a particular time when we please bring this unique style.

Outfit 3: Preppy. Is there anything more feminine and natural, at the same time? Dare with a monkey, a t-shirt that has baby neck, and strapping on your favorite dancers.

Finally, it is a question of adapting these shorts to our own style and personality, without trying to go disguised something that can become precisely our worst enemy, since we subtract credibility and the end of the day will not make us leave to feel like we really are. Bet on your favorite shoes, the bag in which you fit everything you need, and a top that you know suit you, and hit the street with the short more trendy of the season!

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