Learn how to prevent wrinkles around the eyes

The area around the eyes is the most delicate of our face, an area that besides sensible affected consistently by all the gestures that we make, it is therefore important to take care of it to the maximum to avoid premature aging.

prevent wrinkles

It is impossible to ignore: our eye area is the first area that begins to show the passage of time in our face, with small wrinkles that appear at an early age. This is not a coincidence, and is that many of the gestures that make every day like laugh, cry, squint, surprise or scream, each involves the movement of muscles and skin in this area, eventually leaving the corresponding markings.

Also if we do not use appropriate products for this area and do not protect from the sun and cold, will be much more difficult to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, as brands become much more visible.

Take it easy! Some habits can help slow down the process, prevent wrinkles around the eyes and keep this area much fresher and firm. Take note:

  • Always wear sunglasses as these help you to protect this area from the harmful effects of UV and UVA rays.
  • If you do not look good then go immediately to an optometrist for review. The gesture that we do by forcing the view can increase wrinkles with the passage of time in this area, which can be resolved by simply correcting the vision problem.
  • Use a moisturizer to the eye area in the morning and evening. From 30 product must contain anti-aging components.
  • Uses special makeup removal for this area as it have more delicate, perfect ingredients for the thin layer of skin in this area.
  • Also recommend bringing healthy habits: sleep well at night, drinking enough water daily, eating fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking also will help prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

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