Learn to preserve your eyelashes

If there is something to all of us, we like to be perfect, these are the eyelashes. They are lush, long, thick and very numerous is something that concerns us, and age over time or lifestyle can contribute to disappear.

preserve eyelashes

If we want to keep them in depth, it is necessary that we make certain efforts of beauty or that have always present some tricks that make that we are at all times awaiting them, and that they are not lost.

What should we do? First, it may seem very obvious, be careful with them. I.e., take care when applying everything that has to do with this component of our eyes. To begin, if we are going to paint them to ourselves by means of mascara, it is necessary that we do it slowly. We don’t need that much pressed, passes should be soft and not to make it too strong. This could help us uproot some unintentionally.

On the other hand, we must do the same if we think of makeup when it finished the day. That is to say, whether we have the eyelashes as but sparsely populated, it is necessary that not abuse of the wipes or tonic, or at least some time to remove the make up, since friction is not good for them.

Nor it is advisable to abuse makeup as such, or that we are elevating – without wanting – the eyelashes with the base when we are applying. To regenerate, we can use special oils for this purpose, and it is also advisable not to use too much fake. If we would be more apt to detract spend a reasonable amount of time to make it so we don’t have to lament its loss. And in this way they will last much more intact.

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