Learn to take a few high heels

The heels are a staple of our closet that should not be missing, either because we like them, because its make us taller and stylize us or because we just want to follow the dictates of fashion. But what is certain to be finished with the health of our feet. Discover some keys to take without suffering.

high heels

When buying high heels
We should choose ones that we like in our style and with which we feel comfortable and do not choose that fashion imposes on us. Before buy must tried them and walk around with them. If purchased online, once you are at home you should also walk with them enough but not wear them if you have to return them.

In any case if we are not very used to using high heels, not to be used for everything and reserve them only for special occasions or for those days where we know that we are not going to walk too.

Walking in heels
We must maintain a posture with style, keeping shoulders stretched, distributing weight throughout the entire foot, from the same heel to the tip of the fingers and the head held high. We can even move our hips.

If we walk as a real duck with high heels, it is best to rehearse before in our house and there is nothing that is less glamorous than seeing a woman teetering on high-heeled shoes.

Tips for happy feet
You have to change shoes and not wearing the same style forever. In many cases a simple change of shoes get lift our spirits while we changed look.

If we see that the shoes are damaging the skin or starting to make scratches should remove it and avoid going shopping if we have with wounds, swollen or tired feet.

Do not under any circumstances become a fashion victim. The shoes of course, must be nice but never uncomfortable or we end up regretting our purchase. In any case we must try to release them before leaving our home always.

Happy feet must always be clean and well maintained and we must protect and maintain a pedicure that is impeccable.

After shower must be dry feet carefully, especially between the toes. We must exfoliate heels if dry with a pumice stone or a foot file and do not forget to hydrate well with creams that are specific to them.

When we use sandals or open shoes, we must be especially vigilant to either cut or painted nails. To cut must be done always in a straight line and if there is any infection you should go immediately to the podiatrist. Do not go to a beautician because although they can help bring clean our feet, they are not familiar with these diseases.

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