Leather Skirt

When we talk about the looks that we wear during the months of autumn and winter, usually we usually think of pieces that we are or feel one way or another, but we’re always do the most trendiest and sophisticated. So when we compose a look, the most important thing is to think of a special garment that will change everything completely. In this case, we do not mean any skirt… our main pledge today is the leather skirt.

leather skirts

Not long ago, carrying a leather skirt we found it too eighties, the decade of excess. And the truth is that although everything 80’s return to our lives, have always found it a bit of ordinary style. However we know that when we talk about fashion and beauty, it is better to not say “this water will not drink”, because that always fall back cycle precisely in what we swore to not become put.

And that is precisely what we mean: have a leather skirt is a trend that cannot miss in the closet! We can choose the shape and cut that we like: flight, tube, miniskirt, long, midi … Most importantly, keep it handy and know how to combine it in a given time.

We believe in different styles: the preppy of the hand of our favorite shoes, the lady with a peeptoes or halls that make us feel comfortable and feminine at the same time, a point rocker with a pair of boots with studs, or that sporty-chic we love and that has to do with sports of the moment.

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