Over age, getting a firmer and smoother face becomes an increasingly difficult task. Besides achieving reaffirms your skin with the help of effective cosmetics, there is a solution to get an immediate lifting effect: makeup. Follow these simple tips and boasts a younger face.

How makeup to get a firmer face

As we grow older, besides losing density, our face loses its usual tone. To restore the vitality it needs found our perfect partner in utilizing flattering colors and different professional tricks that will help to correct the defects of the age. Attentive!

Gaze fall and sad
With age, the eyelid skin loses firmness. As a result, our eyes lose definition and charge a sad and dull appearance. Not to accentuate this effect, forget to use shadows that are extremely shiny or pearly.

What is your infallible weapon? The eyeliner. Opting for dark tones, like the classic black, navy blue, forest green or an original mahogany. The key in its use is in that the line that you draw level with the upper lashes is thick enough so you can see even with your eyes open. If you wish, you can also delineate the lower lashes in the same tone. If you want a softer effect, try to shape this area in a lighter color.

The final touch will get it with several layers of mascara. It is the perfect complement to achieve a more open and framed.

Raise your cheekbones
To brighten the look on face and achieve smoother skin optically, there are simple tricks that will help us to give life to our cheeks. To start, you must finish your makeup with a subtle stroke of blush and eye-catching bright colors, like pink or coral high, star tone for this season. Apply fearlessly into the top of the cheeks in an upward direction towards the temples. Instantly see a miraculous lifting effect!

If your skin tone and is pink, do not think you should skip this step. Total Error! It highlights your cheeks with tones as the pinkish beige.

Defined lips
One of the clearest consequences of aging in our face is the lack of definition in our mouth slowly, the contours of our lips begin to blur. This requires adding a new tool to your kit makeup: lipstick.

Always choose a tone as close as possible to the color of the lipstick that you will use for your look. It’s all in shaping the upper lip ending with a slightly upward stroke to reach the area of the corners. To lower lip should begin to delineate the center line without bringing to the ends. You will get a more joyful smile!

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