Who says you can not wear the more intimate side of a pregnant woman with style and sensuality? Attentive to the following maternity lingerie.

maternity lingerie

How exciting, finally pregnant! The initial joy gradually fades when the mother realizes that clothes no longer work, that should change in size, leave the high heels and worst¡ renew your lingerie!

Although there are some tricks to stylize the figure when you are pregnant, lingerie seems to be the only issue unresolved. Some say that they are just nine months of sacrifice but why resign yourself to neglect the more intimate side of women?

maternity lingerie

Usually the first few months of pregnant you can wear the same bra, however, but when it starts to tighten, it’s time to make the change. Usually between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy, when it touches buy the famous ‘maternity bra’ or ‘nursing bra’, if is going to breastfeed.

But it’s over spearmanship to think that maternity lingerie is bland, boring, ugly and unglamorous.

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