Lipstick that will triumph this winter

Do you want to know which lip shades will triumph this winter? If the answer is yes, continue reading as novelties are coming in the world of lipsticks. This season features new ranges of lip colors able to take a look very different depending on your humor and state of mood. Among the top colors in lipstick, we highlight the following:

lip shades

Nude: It is the ideal color if you’re looking to give volume to your lips. We cannot forget that this season triumphs it natural, for that reason nude color lip can become your best friend.

Red: The great classic par excellence refuses to go out of fashion. An elegant, daring and seductive color is more than essential for any woman. But certainly the best of a red lipstick is that it can be used for any occasion, whether for festive plans to your day. If you want a recommendation, it is best to combine it with a matte finish for a more elegant touch.

Black: Certainly one of the riskiest lip of the season. It is normal to have some respect and even fear and for that reason you do not want it included on your must have lip. But such a dark shade is ideal to give a gothic punk touch to your looks to go out of holiday. Do not think so much and give it a try, I’m sure you will not regret it.

Violet: It’s probably the most daring lip color of the season. But it is a bursting color style and personality. If you are one of those who dare with everything, violet will be your perfect ally this winter.

Which of these lipsticks is your favorite? Are there any that you would rule out? Do not worry, the winter is long and you have plenty of time to try out all the different shades. Experience and discover that lipstick favors you and adapts more to your style!

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