Long dresses: Six basic rules for you to look good

Long dresses again this season with stronger than ever before. And the summer heat makes them the best alternative to get warm and point to the dress code anywhere.

However, there are certain rules that you must handle before using this garment. It is necessary to know what colors suits you and what forms fit better to your figure.

using long dress

And for this, here we shared with you the keys to wear a long dress this season. Take note!

Tips for using a long dress

Use the color to see stylized
This type of dress are ideal for both day and night, because they allow a casual look and yet daring. If we want to see ourselves thinner and stylized the best option is to choose monochrome tones.

Respect the day and night
It is key to look well with this garment to the dress code for each event, if the sun or the moon is in the sky. Never use a long dress with transparent during the day, that’s perfect for the night. Choose fluid fabrics for the day and heavier fabrics that suit your body and that the garment falls down elegantly for the night.

If you’re short, combine them with heals
This type of clothing is not recommended for people of short stature, but if combined with high sandals can lengthen the silhouette at maximum and get a perfect look.

“V” neckline and Sheath if you are plump
If you are plump, it is best to find one that has sheath to hide the arms, the neck is not very pronounced “V” shaped and that the cut goes below the bust and then falls down to not give more volume in the abdomen and hips.

Promotes the best of your body
If you have curves and want to strengthen them, the dress should fit your ideal areas, such as waist and hips. But if you have little bust, the strapless type or with neckline dresses will show your slim silhouette. For women with long legs, clothing with an opening to a side is ideal for to show them off.

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