Long skirts have become a “boom” of summer fashion. Stylized figure and lengthen the legs.

long skirts

Fashion trends surrender to the pleated skirts or transparent. Both draw a hyperfeminine silhouette and can wear in fashion colors of the season. It is the most desired and that clings to the body and is very sexy.

Commitment upper garments adjusted to define the waist. You will get with a belt if it is fine better.

As for footwear, long skirts allow both flat sandals and high heels. But the best option are the wedges, so you do not drag it and feel more stylized. Thus you can wear all day in a more comfortable.

Long skirts are perfect for look working or shopping. Adds to the styling a blouse and a blazer. As for accessories, the fewer the better, so get a minimalist look yet elegant.

You’ll be the star of the night if you combine the long skirt with a top of paillettes and some exaggerated complements

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