Look Effortlessly Chic: 8 Top Tips

Nobody wants to look as if they’ve tried too hard; even if we have! We all try hard to look nice, but if it shows we can end up looking desperate or over the top. These top tips are some of my favorite for getting that effortlessly chic vibe.

look effortlessly chic

Go for Neutral Clothing

Neutral colors are always best if you want to look chic but no too try-hard. You have a lot of choice here; white, black, cream, brown, beige, and grey. You might think they’re boring to begin with, but you can’t deny that they look pretty high fashion if you wear the right garments. Wear lighter colours on the inside of your outfit, keeping your jackets and things darker for a clean cut look.

Wear Clean Styles and Shapes

Clean styles and shapes mean keeping things simple. A simple blouse and pair of trousers can look great for just about any occasion. The trench coat is perfect for winter, and it never goes out of style. Choose classic, uncomplicated items such as this to make an impression.

Don’t Overdo Your Makeup

Too much makeup is a huge no-no if you want to look chic. That doesn’t mean you need to give any up; you just need to make it look like you’re wearing less! You can still wear foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Just apply it smartly so that you don’t look overdone.

Give Hair a Bouncy Blowdry

The bouncy blowdry is a gorgeous hairstyle but people could easily think that you’d just woken up like that. If your hair is too bouncy/straight, everyone will know that you’ve used a heated appliance. The best thing to do is wash your hair with suitable products, then dry upside down. Apply rollers of your choice, and leave to set. When you take them out your hair should look the definition of effortlessly chic!

Balance Out Your Look

To be effortlessly chic, your look should always be balanced. Wear an oversized jumper with tights, leggings, or skinny jeans. Wear a tight top with a pair of oversized trousers. Pull yourself in at the waist when wearing a t-shirt dress. Make sure you stay balanced and do your figure justice!

Mix Sporty With Classy

Mixing sporty items with classic items is one of my favorite things to do. Adidas trainers look awesome when paired with a plain cotton dress and leather jacket. All in neutral colours of course. Seriously high fashion!

Mix up Your Textures

Mixing textures adds interest to an outfit. This is especially helpful if you’re wearing an outfit all one color. Mix plenty of textures to keep it cool.

Layer Up

Getting cold? Layer up for an outfit that screams ‘Mary Kate and Ashley!’. Those two know how to rock layers.

You’ll never look too ‘try hard’ if you use these tips. All of your looks will be Pinterest worthy from now on; I promise!

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