Looking Good awakening!

How many times we have gotten out of bed with a face full of tired and sleepy? Sometimes, even though put on make-up, dark circles, bags and all the imperfections that reflect a bad face are impossible to hide. Follow these simple tips and dawn with a face more rested!

looking good awakening

More than once we have waited until it was a night to start our operation “removing makeup”. Total Error! If you expect at the end of the day to use unscented the toxins and impurities that your skin has accumulated throughout the day will have less time to become oxygenated and breathe. Do not be lazy and remove your makeup as soon as you arrive home.

Choose well your dinner
Did you know that there are foods that take them at night to promote the swelling of our body? Look for a radiant face when getting up, avoids taking the night before carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, or rice. Say goodbye to banana and tomato on your dinner because it contains very high levels of carbohydrates. Important: do not abuse alcohol and salt. Taking a relaxing tea to relax better and benefit from its diuretic effect.

Lifting effect
To ensure that your skin is revitalized nothing more get up just to have on hand some ice. Fill a bowl with several cubes and dip your hands to cool. Then just move your hands over your face and neck.

Weekly Mask
Masks become your best ally to get your face is full of hydration and nutrition that you need. Something as simple as lend a mask once a week can replenish the pH levels of our skin. In just 15 minutes your face will be splendid and full of vitality.

More receptive pores
When you apply an exfoliating scrub, you chose to use steam to open your pores. You only have to fill a bowl with hot water and bring closer it to your face. By doing this simple trick, you get that the serum and moisturizer that you throw on a daily basis be absorbed fully and comply with its remedial functions effectively. Practice this advice couple of times a week and enjoy smooth skin!

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