Low cost tricks to update your wardrobe

Update your wardrobe does not mean having to spend large amounts of money on clothes. To look back and draw on accessories, you can transform your outfits and get a different look. It is only a matter of revolver in the closet and takes back those items that you thought to banish. Attentive!

update your wardrobe

Pastel Shades
Because we are still in winter and the sun shines by its absence, do not give up putting to your outfits some color. The black and brown are classic colors that do not go out of fashion, but are not a forced tone for the colder months. If you want to get a fresh and current look at the new collection garments: color, color and more color. So, now replaces your black jacket and dark on the other in pastel, such as a subtle pink, beige or green.

Shoulder Bag
Having spent many years and have had its boom phase, the shoulder bag again this season. And it does stomping and reinventing its design: bold colors and new shapes. Stir in the attic of your closet and pulls the shoulder bag that you thought you did not give more. Add to your looks will get a more youthful and chic.

It is one of the most luxurious and classic fabrics that exist. Brocade takes over all kinds of garments: American, shirts, skirts, coats … all are at your feet. Forget the myth that it is a fabric of ancient time and commitment to make the most of combining it with other more everyday clothes: jeans, peak jerseys or pencil skirts. The brocade returns and makes adapting to new trends.

The wedge shoe becomes the king of the platforms. Peep-toes, pumps and even sport dare to this type of heel. The sneakers are all the rage among celebrities. Shoes that besides being fashionable will help you show off your legs because stylize your figure. Dare and commitment to them!

It is an essential complement to give life to your looks. In addition to going to the last one, you will be sheltered. You can not look American or perfect without scarf: it is a total mistake that will make your look lost charm. It includes some new in your closet full of colors and shapes. Is it more? The folk style with tassels and ethnic with curious patterns and tones. Bet on them, you will not regret!

Necklaces, brooches, pendants, chokers … are the ideal complement to animate sweaters and shirts that you already have in the closet. A neck sweater or a blouse become monochrome will be transformed if you add one of these complements. Try it!

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