Makeup: Conceals a tired face

Stress, lack of sleep, the backlog of work … all this takes its toll on our face causing dark circles, imperfections and dull complexion. Luckily, we have the perfect tools to help hide and brand new face in the morning. Are you ready to show off your best side?

conceals tired face

Use compact makeup and opaque does not guarantee that all our imperfections and redness are completely camouflaged. In addition to the base color, it is important to apply before a number of products that address the specific area and help us look a rested and healthy face.

Previous steps
First and foremost is washing your face with soap and water and then apply usual cream. To begin, have on hand a good concealer and apply it in the area of the creases. Blend it in small dabs and then help yourself to a brush always making circular motions.

Camouflaged finally our dreaded dark circles, we will use a use a trowel or direct descent to help us mattify the make-up. Apply a walnut on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Spread the product through small touches with fingers and blend all over the face very gently. It will help us also to correct imperfections and unify the tone of our skin.

Makeup base
Now, our skin is ready to apply makeup. Remember it always from the nose to the outside of the face. It extends the base down to avoid cuts from the unsightly mask effect. In the case of the front, it extends the product up so there are no cuts in the area of the capillary birth. Do not forget to apply it on the eyelids for the eye makeup remains intact longer.

To refine the face, to avoid the appearance of unwanted glare on the t-zone apply them with the help of a brush on the forehead, nose, Chin and cheeks.

Ready! Our face is ready to look radiant and natural. If you’ve slept all night, quiet, with this makeup no one will notice!

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