Makeup for brown eyes

If there is something clear in the universe of beauty and makeup, is that it depends on different factors and our face, we can get one or another image. In this case, as we have done in the past, since we give you a set of guidelines that make up the best possible depending on how are your factions or shades.

brown eyes makeup

For this occasion, we refer exclusively to women who want to learn how to paint their eyes in brown. If you have the eyes in a shade of almond, honey, wood… this is your post, and here we’ll help you get the most possible match.

First of all, know that depending on the color of your face, of more or less brown that you are, you will be able to bet for a series of shades of eyes or others. Bet on the green in both cases, favoring girls who are very little white, but also those who have tanned dermis.

After more or less all we can use eyeliner that is black, it will help to highlight the color you have natural in the iris. You can also adhere to eyeliner as liquid enough to let this unique base over the eye and the eyelid look much wider. On the other hand, although they are much more common than the blue or green, they also have their charm, and lots. Give them color, and prominence!

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