Makeup for brown face

Soon we will get to the sun, as many of us wish to have a tanned complexion during the summer. However, many of you already have a tan skin tone, which has its advantages when it comes to makeup. Yes, we must always keep in mind our skin tone to choose the most flattering makeup.

brown face makeup

This is a complexion much more grateful that the paler faces, since both are not noticeable redness and blemishes. That’s why you will not need so much makeup base, especially when your tan skin even more during the summer.

Ideally use a BB Cream or CC Cream that is light, in your skin tone. So you will bring some color uncovered in excess skin. You must also be careful with Illuminator and concealer, choosing the right tone, avoiding too light. You can use only small marks and dark circles, but never overdo it, because in the dark face is much more noticeable.

As for the colors in eye shadows, avoid those that are too dark, it is better to use the brightest, but without going over. Ocher, earth, green and blue, copper or beige shades. At night you can safely use eyeliner for smokey eyes.

On the lips you can use bronze, brown or pink tones. You can dare to darker. In addition to blush you can use peach and coral tones, which are the most beneficial to you. On your nails, you can use rich, vibrant colors such as yellow or orange.

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