Makeup Tips: Bambi eyes

To all the women we love the eyeliner. We are fans of the liner. But we have tested a thousand and one designs to overstep the line above the eye and we no longer know how to innovate. Luckily in gateway, and afterwards the celebrities most in, have brought to fashion a new trend in eyeliner. It is called the Bambi eyes.

bambi eyes

And we assure you the result is just as nice that the name given. It consists of painting the corners, that is, make a harmonious finish of the eye in order to get a touch too sweet. Round the eye and highlight to the end.

Ideal for girls who want to give a youthful and casual look. But do not confuse it with other ways to spend the eyeliner. Bambi eyes eyeliner is ascending, which gives the feeling of a large and open eye.

Firstly, it is essential that your bag include eyeliner and black eye pencils in order to do well the line and finish with a good finish. But also important is the quality and quantity of contributions to that black eye. The darker, more feeling of pleasure wills your eyes. So as a final touch, it also includes the step by step, mascara that gives volume to your Bambi eyes.

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