The girls who have to wear glasses tend to have problems when it comes to makeup, since the glasses can overshadow your makeup or fighting directly with it. That’s why you have to follow some tricks to use makeup with glasses and it is great. There are things that always work, but we must also consider our eyes tone and type of glasses that we wear, it is not the same a rimless, which is barely noticeable, that a pair of pasta glasses.

makeup with glasses

During the day the tones that are best are the natural and clear, as it makes this area stand out a little more and not dwarf our eyes. Use brown and beige is a great choice, and it is best used in matte tones, so that the sheens do not contrast with the crystal and unwanted reflections take place. If we are going to a party and do not uses contact lenses, we can also highlight the eyes with black eyeliner. If we are going to use eye shadows, should always be considered own sunglasses color so that it match well.

Women who use outdoor frames can be used almost any type of makeup, avoiding glare, since the glasses are barely noticed. However, with the horn-rimmed glasses you can opt to highlight your eyes with long eyelashes and a rich tone like gold, since the thickness of paste can overshadow the soft shades.

On the other hand, if something is going to emphasize in our eyes when we take glasses is one good design of eyebrows, already going to framing even more than when we don’t carry. Pick up a good eyebrow kit is very important to achieve a defined and well marked eyebrow, filling them with a pencil if necessary.

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