Male hairstyles

Men nowadays also care for their appearance and above all hairstyle and haircut that will be done. So follow these tips to choose a good hairstyle.

male hairstyles

Man needs to shape his hair cut more often than a woman, about every four weeks. You should not stick to old-fashioned style. Ask the stylist what hairstyles are in fashion and what would be appropriate for your hair type and in general to your personal style.

If you are ready for a radical change, try going to a new aesthetic and preferably one of most prestigious. A new perspective can bring a new positive image.

If your hair has begun to be reduced and become scarcer, not fight against it. Use short hair style or shave your head that is a “look very accepted at present”.

If your hair sponge in the summer, use a bit of foam (mousse), gel or a product which are designed to placate the fluffy hair.

To make your hair shine and look healthy, watch your diet and try to include vegetables and fruits.

A symmetrical oval face or a subtle pear shaped head looks good with short hair. A rectangular face is highlighted by forming a little volume on top. If the ears are large, it is better to leave some hair to cover them but if they are small, short hair look good.

If your hair is unruly and difficult to master at styling, you’d better choose a short hair. If you have abundant hair you see well with short hair and if you wish you can apply a little gel; if your hair is sparse, short hair is ideal because it conceals the areas in which you are missing some hair.

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