Manicure trends for fall 2021

The most interesting prints, the colors and finishes that will be most popular and the riskiest bets for your autumn nails

Admittedly, even though there is little left for the end of summer, you are already looking forward to autumn. New season, new colors and trends for our hair (haircuts, coloring) and also in fashion and beauty. The autumn 2021 trends will come all the way to your manicure.

manicure trends

What type of nail art will you bet on from now on? Some of the ideas come from the summer, reformulated, others have been with us for several seasons and we love them…..

Classic fall colors

It is inevitable to think of autumn and not do it with a series of colors in the head. Grays, blues, browns, terra cotta, burgundy color… With this way of wearing them you not only show the colors of the season, you also do it with a nail of each color (one of the favorite trends in recent years).

classic fall colors

It may seem somewhat childish, who did not play at doing it as a child? But it has become a rejuvenating option that has conquered us.

Chocolate brown, trendy color

We have already told you that brown is the color that you will see the most in fashion stores this fall 2021. If you are going to adore it in your closet, why not also bet on it for your nails?

chocolate brown manicure

Our bet is the darker shade, known as chocolate brown and that you can find in Le mini macaron and other brands. You will see that it is a very versatile tone and that it will favor your hands, still tanned by the summer sun.

Matte + shine

One of the new trends that are going strong for the manicures of fall 2021 is the one that mixes matte and shine on the same nail. In this image, two more trends are also united. On the one hand, the natural or nude color and on the other, a revised French manicure.

mate shine manicure
Image source: Pinterest

The possibilities of mixing the two finishes (matte and shine) in manicure are many. Well with drawings, half and half or playing with the forms of the French.

metallic manicure
Image source: Pinterest

Metallic manicure

Silver, gold or bronze. Find the way to integrate metallic into your manicure. You can wear them entirely in one of those shades or you can use it to make retro-style waves or for French manicure.

Original manicure

This summer the influencers have not stopped showing us their most original manicures as in a real nail art competition. Who wears it prettier, more original, and more extravagant?

original manicure

In autumn these designs are reinvented with new shapes and colors. This is a great example of total inspiration.

minimalist french manicure

Minimalist French manicure

French manicure has undergone a constant evolution in recent years. We have inverted it, changed colors, shapes, used a color for each nail and now an idea for autumn 2021 is to make it minimalist and with contrasting colors such as natural and black.

checkered manicure
Image source: Pinterest

Checkered manicure

The pattern of squares (checkerboard type) is one of the most sought after autumn/winter. Why not take it from clothes to nails? Try black and white, if you like chess, or with the trend colors that we have already discussed.

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