Messy hair solutions: hairstyles express

Some days we got up late and do not have time to shower to go to work. Others simply want to spend a day between washes hair for not punishing both, however, looks dirty and do not know how to show it.

A good alternative is dry shampoos. It usually come in spray form, applied to the root of the hair, gently massage to absorb the grease and brush gently. This way, you’ll stand a day without washing your hair. If you don’t have dry shampoo by hand, you can also use talcum powder. Both options provoke that the hair seems that it shines a little less, but at least it turns out to be clean.

Alternatively you can comb in a way that hide those parts of the scalp that are fatter. We give some ideas to get interesting when you have not washed your hair:

messy hair solutions

Zip braid: If you have very long hair, you can make a braid, roll and hold on the crown with small pliers. This way you will cover one of the areas that first greased.

Casual double braid: The hair strands touching the face are the most easily greased. Become a braid on each side of the hair and attach them in a loose ponytail, boho-chic style.

Boho look: This hairstyle is very easy to do and people will look more in style than if the hair is clean or not. You only need a thin ribbon, put it with loose hair and see by wrapping small sections.

Centered braid: This braid is good for short and long hair, completely hides the crown. He hardly notices that you have freshly washed hair.

messy hair solutions

A bandana: If you have long hair that can look good. It brings a touch of style; you cover the root hair and can combine with your clothes.

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