Miracle Dresses

The “miracle dress” makes real miracles on the figure of the woman, but Beware! Not all dressed alike redraw the silhouette.

miracle dress

The name may not sound like, but surely you’ve grown tired of looking in stores, in catalogs and on red carpets such major slimming dress.

The creator of this is the designer Stella McCartney and since then, there are many celebrities who have not hesitated to slip into this kind of dresses by contrasting color, creating an optical effect with not only redraws the silhouette, also get reduce inches as if by magic.

Snugly to the body, the “miracle dress” played with two contrasting colors, although black is usually a common denominator. This is the one we have to take into account when choosing a particular dress as our goal. Pay attention to these styling tricks and put them into practice.

miracle dress

If you want to reduce inches, look carefully where you place the black. Remember that dark colors shrink and widen gaps. To slimming choose the dress that has the dark outside and clear inside.

If instead you’re looking to broaden the figure and shape, especially in the case of rectangular shapes, then choose the dress with the clear on the outside and the inside in the dark.

In length, remember that if the dress comes to the knee, slightly above or below, quiet, no effect is exerted on the figure and the stylized result. To achieve a much more flattering, do not forget about wear heels and better if it’s a shoe salon or peep toes version.

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