Miranda Kerr: Keys of her looks!

It is one of the most recognized top models on catwalks around the world. Her gentleness and sympathy are reflected in fresh, casual styling that makes it one of the stylish girls of the moment. So then dismantle the style of Miranda Kerr to learn what her tricks of fashion and copy her looks. Ready? 3, 2, 1 … started!

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a big fan of the classic black leather jacket. For her every day, there are many times when we could see the top walking with this core. In this case, Miranda looks like a perfect cushion effect in the purest style Channel. It is common to see Orlando Bloom’s wife combine this piece with shirts and striped sweaters, wearing a daring sailor look. If you want to copy this style, don’t hesitate to add a scarf colors.

Black Blazer
A blazer is a garment that cannot be missed in our closet is something that Miranda knows very well. And, if it is a black blazer: a basic piece that we will succeed in completing all our outfits. Not unexpectedly, the top look chic and casual style combining this type of jacket with jeans and ballet flats or shorts and boots.

Miranda Kerr

Full color
Sometimes Miranda surprises with shocking and daring outfits that mix in all sorts of colors and textures. Do not be afraid to mix and draws the colorful hues of your closet. Although we are still in winter, the girl of Victoria’s Secret does not hesitate to walk on the street with pants and jackets in daring colors. Follow her footsteps and get a burst of color.

Squeeze belt
To mark silhouette and achieve a slimmer, Miranda committed to fashion accessories. It is frequently seen with waisted dresses to adding a wide belt to highlight her curves, or conversely, add it to more baggy dresses to accentuate her slender figure.

Sometimes simplicity is in good taste. Therefore, our celebrity is faithful to her jeans. Always cropped skinny pants or type, Miranda wears her jeans with both heels and flats. For her every day, not renounce them combining both basic blouses and T-shirts. However, to complete her look can not miss a XXL size bag.

Miranda Kerr

Of all the types and colors, her top is not separated from her hats in any time of year. Wide-brimmed, Borsalino, vintage type … there are many hats to complete her collection. Of course, for most elegant occasions, Miranda also knows look splendid with headdresses more glamorous.

Miranda completes her outfits both in winter and in summer. Aviator, XXL, cat eyes … her collection is so long that it is almost common to see her wearing a different pair of glasses every day. Go ahead and do not be ashamed to wear with wide rimmed glasses and bright colors.

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