Monkeys for wedding guests

Monkeys are one of the key pieces for this season, this winter and come with a vengeance whatever the occasion. A working dinner, a party with friends or, why not, a wedding. Dare them to be the guest more ‘cool’, and go through a time of classic guest dresses.

Monkeys for wedding guests

If you’ve been to many weddings and don’t know what kind of dress you buy now, with a monkey you can make a difference. These are valid for both winter and summer, and are ideal for when the time does not accompany be the station that it touches.

To get dazzle with a long bow to feet and feel the most sophisticated guest of the wedding, follow these small guidelines:

  • Bet on the neckline. A word of honor will be the perfect for monkey go straight up to down.
  • Give prominence to your neck with a necklace of large dimensions. If the monkey is a unobtrusive enough color, you can afford.
  • Pair it with heels. Some peep-toes with platforms will be your best allies for a monkey when you go to a wedding as a guest.
  • Its almost masculine style, so fashionable this season, will help you combine it with blazers of this cut, which highlight your femininity on the other hand.
  • If you want your figure to styling more if possible when you look one of these garments, bet on a bun or a high ponytail. Look like much more slender, you’ll look great among the other dresses.
  • Ideal color for winter weddings is burgundy or sapphire blue. It shows incidental fluorine and you will not go unnoticed at any time.

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