Monochrome style for guests

We can not avoid it; we love the monochrome for wedding guests! It’s something unique, not boring and very risky, but above all the trendiest. This style for women who go to a wedding event is becoming more and more fashionable. It symbolizes that choose style bet for a single color to make it the main, the protagonist and the main.

monochrome style

Although we can combine it with other colors, it is true that there must be a color that is the most watched. How do I get it? We give various options for achieving this.

Look 1: Red Monkey, wide-brim straw hat and gold shoes. With this, we have succeeded monochrome in rouge, which includes the structure of the jumpsuit and respects all the time look of wedding guest. However, we have decided to break the shoes in gold. The clutch bags would be our choice, but it would be advisable that was the same color as the monkey.

Look 2: Another alternative would be dressed in a baby blue, with matching shoes, and a headdress as well. In this case, the one color returns to be met, but would break its harmony with the handbag, which could be in a nice silver color.

Look 3: Long dress, to the feet for a ceremony in the evening, in a strong color. This would for example, bottle green, gold, burgundy…. compensate your accordingly which is the real protagonist with no supplements. This will help us, of course, draw attention in one color issues.

Best of all is to go for the tone that we all know that we love, and we have a blast. So, we will not break our head with what we really need for a moment. Having a tone like this on hand will give many possibilities.

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