Myths and truths of the world of beauty

There are countless tips and tricks of beauty, but what is that rely on? There are many things we do not know or those who have a misconception. When it comes to caring for our bodies, we must be careful and know what good practice.

beauty myths and truths

There are many myths about beauty and body care. It is therefore important separates the wheat from the chaff and knows which recommendation trust. First we must think of the welfare of our body and discard practices that can damage it.

One of the most widespread beliefs about the thinning is that to lose enough weight with dieting. No doubt a balanced diet is essential to achieve and maintain our ideal weight, but exercise is an essential part. Therefore, healthy eating should be accompanied by daily physical activity. Another of our headaches is cellulite. In this case the exercise is not almighty. To combat it is necessary to use in addition to specific treatments.

Our beauty kit contains creams and products of makeup some of which do not use every day and stay there for a while. We know that, like any other product, it also expires. The creams and makeup in poor condition could provoke allergic reactions in the skin. Therefore, any doubt about its status, it is best to discard.

With the high temperatures, we are more aware of the need to drink plenty of water. But for our skin it’s not enough. We need to care, especially after the exposure to the sun. So a moisturizer is our best ally. And speaking of sun, another widespread myth is the belief that the brown skin not needs much protection. It is always advisable to use a good sunscreen to prevent further damage.

Do not believe everything you hear and, if in doubt, it is always best to consult a specialist. Our body is our greatest treasure and so we have to pamper it as it deserves.

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