Natural Makeup for Summer

In summer, we prefer natural makeup and easy to handle, without strong colors. As the sun’s rays are responsible for premature aging of the skin.

natural makeup

In that sense, looking foundations with UV protection. In the market you will also find products that are resistant to sweat and have moisturizing components.

These days it is necessary to apply strong colors on the lips. Just with a soft tone and covert that offers the so-called ‘nude lip’ which resemble the color of the skin. To complete, apply a little gloss.

Due to temperature and high humidity, it is essential to use waterproof mascara. In the case of the eyeliner, it needs to be applied in a manner very fine during the day (in the night yes it works to highlight the eyes).

The bronzing powders are among the favorites for this season. Use it to slightly darken the skin and give the touch of summer. It also work to shape the face and give a more definite outline.

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