Necklaces to full color for the summer

Summer is approaching and the shops are full of interesting things, but mostly much colored. It is a change and wants to do in the closet, so what necklaces you’ll want to wear this summer, and get ready, because they will never go unnoticed.

summer necklaces

The ethnic necklaces are still favorites. They can spice up any outfit, and certainly are a trend that you can not miss. In Bershka show you a very bold pattern, you can wear with a simple dress with a black monkey or the overall denim trend. In Morganite Store have one more discreet but equally colorful that we love, and you can even take night, with your best black dress.

summer necklaces

The pastel colors are a trend, and this can be seen in necklaces. Stradivarius has two options. A much more elegant, with rhinestones, you can wear with casual wear, as it is a contrast that is very fashionable, and with a denim shirt. On the other hand, they have the most casual model; precisely you can take at night with a top in soft tones. Do not mix with bright colors or it will be inappropriate.

summer necklaces

Yellow is picking up more and better jobs in the trends of this summer, and we can say that we love it! It is ideal for mixing with black tone. If you do not know what to put on that dress or the top, in black, you got it. A simple and powerful effect. The fringe is Zara, Stradivarius and the other.

Another proposal is the single color orange, which is very summery and full of life. These acid tones triumph in the summer. You have the informal version with tubes and black that combine of ideal form, or the lady, with rhinestones and bright.

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