Neon Makeup

Intense lips, fancy looks, full color nails. The neon, fluorescent or luminous palette not only saw, also stain your face. Do you accept the challenge?

neon makeup

This summer, no doubt, that color is one of the real stars. Shirts that dazzle, pants that do not allow us to happen unnoticed, and now, nails that become authentic accessories of fashion or lips to tempt to be kissed.

The cosmetic companies do not leave out the fashion trends and joining them present only suitable color palettes for the most daring, risky and specialists in the center of attention.

Although professionals impose, not always have to ignore unless you have accepted the challenge to make up your face from head to toe with bright shades. It is recommended not to forget the rule of less is more and balance trends.

Opt for fluorescent yellow nails and let your lips will be stained pink gloss for a very appetizing. Intensify your look with a very exotic turquoise or let your lips are the real stars of the look.

If you are strong emotions and this summer you set out to break all the rules, go thinking that colors take on a summer dressing.

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