New acquisition: Cross Shirt

This summer have returned many trends, and one of the most present in every closet is the cross shirt. The shirt has been reinvented in thousands of possibilities, including shirt dresses. What’s more, it is that if there is a trend that has dazzled us in this regard has been to the Cross Shirt, this summer becomes much more versatile and suitable for any type of look, from the most bohemian and summer to the more working.

cross shirt

Cross Shirt is converted back to all a must, perfect for Beach days, afternoon walks and even go out at night or go to work.

If you do not know how to look Cross Shirt, notes, because we offer four ways to wear it with that sure that you will give in the nail.

Working girl: There is nothing more elegant than a woman with cross shirt. If you think the same, but you are tired of the straight forms and got bored with the basic shirts your new must will be the cross shirt, because it will still equally stylish and sophisticated with a plus per modernity and freshness. Opt for one in white color,, the safe bet, or with thin stripes, maximum glamour of office.

Oriental Inspiration: Cross Shirt always remember the old East, and in fact, one of the prints being more shirts of such level is the oriented. It’ll be perfect for an afternoon stroll or a long day of shopping.

Beach: We must not limit the possibilities of a garment like the shirt, so the cross makes the leap to the beach, and becomes a garment to shine on the sand. And if in addition to cross it is ended up by knotting, much better.

Lumberjacks: Longtime pictures have taken over shirts, creating such looks as lumberjacks. If you are one that has resisted the pictures because you see them slightly feminine, now you will change opinion, since with the cross shirt will more feminize.

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