New York City Neighborhood Fashions

New York City is a melting pot where people from around the world come to make it in America. With that, worldly fashions have become common and have left the city known as the mecca for the trendiest, most diverse fashions.

neighborhood fashions

However, every neighborhood brings with it its own fashion flavor not to be mistaken with any other bordering areas. City dwellers in these neighborhoods take their fashion seriously and are proud to flaunt the latest designer trends.


Chelsea has always been known as one of the trendiest NYC neighborhoods. However, most recently Chelsea has become arguably the most in-demand neighborhood in Manhattan. With this of course come the latest, and sometimes farfetched, fashion trends. Full of everything from flea markets to boutiques to consignment shops Chelsea provides its residents with bold fashions both old and new. Chelsea is also known for having quite the eclectic group of residents. This allows the streets to be filled with a mixture of eccentric and trendy business fashionists. Regardless of whether you live, work, or are simply visiting this neighborhood make sure to take a look around and take in all of the styles being strutted down 23rd Street. It’s likely that what you see will be next season’s “it” style trends.

Upper East Side

Notoriously known for hosting some of New York City’s oldest families and business elite the Upper East Side is an area that boasts decadence. It’s not uncommon to be walking down Madison Avenue and see the latest Tom Ford suit being worn by a chic businessman on his way home from work or out to lunch. When it comes to the ladies expect to see the newest Celine or Birkin bag on the arm of a beautiful woman sporting a cream business suit or beautiful wrap dress. Even on the occasional lazy Saturday these Upper East Siders rarely let themselves leave their beautiful homes without looking their best. At the very least you’ll see a matching Lululemon outfit.


Now home to celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker Brooklyn has become one of the “it” places to live in the country. Areas like Williamsburg and Park Slope are now as in-demand as Chelsea and other chic Manhattan neighborhoods. Though some Brooklyn streets are dawned with designer fashions expect to see a lot of hipster, consignment styles. We’re talking suspenders, fedoras, giant sunglasses, and high top converse. Thanks to shows like Girls the land that was once home to unconventional fashion and style has now taken the world by storm and is becoming trendier than ever before.

neighborhood fashions


Home to many recent college graduates and young business savvy individuals this area hosts a plethora of college-like bars and trendy restaurants. This is an incredibly affluent area (like much of inner Manhattan) that serves as home to young men and women strutting their stylish outfits with designer tags. While walking the high 20’s and mid 30’s be on the lookout for women sporting oversized designer sweaters with leggings and motto boots (at least this season). An oversized coat also usually seals the deal with these young fashionistas. When it comes to men expect to see a lot of Vineyard Vines in the summer months and corduroys with zip-up fleeces in the winter. These men play it casual, but don’t kid you; they have a very specific preppy-yet-trendy style.

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