No make up: perfect look without makeup

The hottest time of year has arrived and with baggy dresses, shorts, the crop – tops… In summer period we start our ingenuity to combine clothes that give us the greatest sense of freshness. We need the summer breeze caresses our skin but not only is the freshness, our skin needs to breathe. Seize the summer to give rest and looks one of the trends of the summer makeup, no makeup.

no make up

The naturalness again is a symbol of beauty. This summer abandons the foundations and opts for the simple use of concealer to create the perfect beauty look. Spontaneous, relaxed, casual and natural women invade beaches, catwalks and red carpets. The face washed effect takes years competing with the looks more eccentric and always stands with victory in summer. Join the winning team!

Never worry about the length of our makeup, the constant revisions of our carmine or the disappearance of our eyeliner. If you rely on this trend, only you have to worry about having a good time and enjoy the summer.

Don’t confuse the trend not use makeup with the existent of the makeup. The success of this look lies precisely in showing a natural skin from makeup application. You just need the concealer, the bb cream and blush to correct facial imperfections and accentuate your features. Even so, if you fancy, this neutral look can be accompanied by a sharp look. Power your eyes and adds a nude tone to your lips to keep true to the casual and cool style.

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