Pearl Necklace Ideas For Trendsetting Fashionistas

Top designers are adorning their looks with classical style embellishments and tasteful accessories. A pearl necklace, though seemingly excessively elegant, will dress up any outfit and will also correspond to 2015’s trends.

During the New York, London, Tokyo and Paris Fashion Week, designers proved yet again that the beauty of a pearl necklace can only complement a beautiful woman’s attire. They included pearls in most of the garments and outfits walking down the runway, from shorts featuring a pearl-connected seam to black dresses embellished with pearls dangling from the trim.

Jewelry designers such as Elie Top decided that New York Fashion Week is the place to be bold. He created unique necklaces showcasing a massive white pearl suspended in an abacus-like pendant from a silver necklace.

Pearls even made their way into the models’ hair during dramatic presentations where beautiful women walked down the runway with hair wrapped around their necks, showcasing strands of pearls layered overtop.

A girl should be acquainted with the proper etiquette when wearing jewelry. And since pearls are in this year, we decided to showcase several looks that would complete every look.

Sculptural Pearl Necklace

It’s not difficult to be a trendsetter, especially when designers such as Stella McCartney manage to provide wonderful inspiration such as this one-of-a-kind sculptural necklace.

sculptural pearl necklace

Wearing your grandmother’s pearls simply won’t do, however, finding a modern twist can often make an outfit shine. This is a stellar example of how architectural influences can completely reshape the way we look at a piece of jewelry: the necklace contours the model’s delicate neckline and immediately becomes the focus point of the viewer’s attention.

Super-sized Pearl Necklace

Super-sized Pearl Necklace

Chanel also appreciates a beautiful pearl necklace as the one featured during his 2013 SS collection. Though not all occasions may call for such an imposing piece of jewelry, courageous fashionistas may choose to accessorize a simple outfit or a strapless, black dress with a show-stopping necklace such as this one. Because of its sheer size, earrings or additional jewelry is redundant.

Multi-layered Pearl Necklace

multilayered pearl necklace

A show-stopping piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to impress because of size. The intricacies of its construction can become the focus point and, as with this statement piece, the tiniest of pearls can be a massive wow-factor if chosen correctly. Such a multilayered pearl necklace goes best with shorter hairstyles, so as to accentuate the wearer’s long neck.

Black Pearl Extravaganza

black pearl necklace

Those daring enough to step out of the box may go for large, black pearl necklaces such as this one. Showcasing different techniques and multilayered black pearls, this power-piece emphasizes the all-black outfit without overshadowing the petite model wearing them. Such necklaces can be worn with imposing jackets or chiffon blouses.

Double-Pearl Golden Necklace

double-bubble pearl necklace

One single central element can be just as imposing as hundreds of pearls layered skillfully. Leave it to Chanel to provide yet another exceptional example of balance by pairing this double-bubble pearl necklace with an asymmetric jacket.

Chanel’s runway accessories have always impressed critics and fashion enthusiasts alike and while some may not have $2,270 to spare for such an exquisite piece of jewelry, they most certainly can draw inspiration for other looks.

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