Perfect face for Christmas! 3 keys to get

We approach the holidays and all want to look beautiful and have a perfect skin for those days of celebration that is coming. Safe interlock shortage photographs, videos and memories for the future … So try to be perfect to see us wonderful within a few years.

Perfect face for Christmas

There are many preparations that have to be performed in Christmas. From food, meetings, dinners, trips for those who spend those days in another city, choose the perfect outfit to see us wonderful, etc… But never, never, never can not ignore is the opportunity to beautify our face and look perfect on those days.

If you wonder how to get it, we’ll give you 3 simple steps that can not miss in your routine for a spectacular face.

Exfoliate: It is the basic procedure to get rid of that dull, lifeless skin and welcome to a complexion that attracts attention. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and improve its appearance. Remember to always use exfoliants for the face, grain thinner, and apply it gently massaging in a circular manner and always upward, then rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Deeply clean: not with a make up remover or using a product for everyday use, but with a deep cleansing mask that will help open the pores and remove any dirt. Apply for at least 10 minutes and you’ll notice the difference right away, with a face much more smooth and perfect.

Hydrate: After these treatments it is the best time to apply your daily care cream and moisturize your skin to depth. You will see how the skin absorbs all the nutrients the product looking perfect and ready for wearing makeup.

No excuse for not being the most impressive of the night! Apply these three simple steps and notice how your skin back to life.

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