Perfect finish: Makeup for smooth skin!

We all like to look glowing and achieve outstanding makeup. That’s why, next, we discover you a compilation of the tricks that the best make-up artists use. Pay attention and become a professional makeup.

Makeup for smooth skin

If your skin is beginning to notice the first expression lines, using a bottom-up in fluid texture will be more natural effect. If on the contrary your skin is still very young, can be used a colored moisturizing as make-up base. You get a natural effect with a touch of color that covers your skin imperfections. Always choose the most similar tone to your skin.

After makeup, do not forget the eyebrows. It is important to get the combs that look neater and remove possible traces of eye shadows that have been left between the hairs.

For the new season, fly to be delineated eyebrows, but always with a natural touch, without being too thin. So, you can help a special shadow eyebrows and “redrawn” with the help of a brush.

Sometimes we focus on what is natural in our looks and do not want to overload our eyes too. For those times, mimics the original eye shadow, using a shadow in beige or off-white, and apply yourself over a nicely blurred Brown shadow over the entire basin.

When it comes to mark eyes with eyeliner, we are many maintain strong pulse and not shaking. If that’s the case, you can mix black shadow with a little water and apply it with the help of a paintbrush. For eyeliner smudging and do not leave that unsightly shade, let try to lend translucent powder on the eyelids.

If you have bulging eyes and no longer know what to do to conceal, Dark Shadows are your allies: use them all over the eyelid to add depth to the eye and blend inward. If your problem is that you want to hide very big eyes, get more intense shadows near the upper lashes and blur the lines with a very little face towards the upper eyelid. If your eyes are too small, “enlarge them” with shadows that illuminate the eyelid, such as shades of ivory, bone or pale pink.

We all happened that after using the mascara, our eyelashes acquire a heavy appearance with lumb involved. To remove them, passes a round brush like that of the mascara you used, but clean.

If your lashes are long and thin, before applying the mask volume used some strange powders to achieve specific black that your lashes look thicker. You’ll notice the difference!

Using the outliner, in addition to mark the outline of your mouth, to refill the lips. Unlike with the lipstick, you get a more natural result. Throw in a bonus, putting a bit of gloss: get juicier lips. If, however, your lips are very generous, always ignores the gloss and choose warm soft colors like pink.

The passage of time also takes its toll on our lips: increasingly losing more definition. Counter it using a specific contour cream for that zone and sharpen them very subtly similar to the flesh of your lip pencil.

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