Perfumes for Summer

Fresh, fruity and smooth. This is how we present the new fragrance for this summer. We left the perfumes that have been with us all year to replace new scents reminiscent of the good weather and the heat of summer. Here we reveal what the fragrances for which let wrap this season.

summer perfume

In summer, our skin asks flavored with new fragrances. We leave behind the most intense perfumes to welcome smells more smooth and refreshing to stop in our body a feeling lighter.

As happens in the world of fashion, there are also trends with perfumes. If during the rest of the year we focus on strong and deep scents, in summer our body asks lighter fragrances. These months the scents that we will take will be marked by citrus and floral notes like jasmine and tuberose. This always mixed with subtle aromas, such as wood or vanilla.

For the most optimistic and cheerful, arrives Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs. This is a limited edition in which the designer takes a turn adding to its traditional fragrances all the freshness of fruity and floral aromas. The best part? The fun design of its bottles.

summer perfume

Rose, jasmine and orchid mixed with mandarin, grapefruit and even green tea results in a refreshing and sparkling fragrance: La vie en rose by Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. This is the summer edition of Flowerbomb perfume which celebrates its fifth anniversary. Are you going to miss it?

If you have already succumbed to the charms of yellow color this season, you can not miss in your toilet in the Kenzo’s new fragrance: Couleur Jaune-Yellow. Imitating the summer sunshine, this fragrance will envelop you through a delicate vanilla scent combined with the joy and freshness of jasmine, orange blossom, citron and bergamot. Amazing!

Expert Tips
Needless to say, it is not advisable to leave our scented skin exposed to the sun. If this summer we go to the beach shedding our favorite fragrance, we must do so with full caution.

Instead of spraying the fragrance on our skin, try to do so by the sarong, towel or hair. Dermatologists advise leaving the perfume just after sun. Notes!

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