Prepare your body for spring!

Little by little the good time is coming; in a few weeks, hopefully that few, spring will be here. We will begin to shed the winter clothes, goodbye to scarves, gloves and so on, and to show more parts of our body, but … Are you ready to show them? Do not worry, we still have time, so follow our advice to be great with the arrival of warm weather.

prepare body for spring

The first thing that we’re going to see is that our skin will be pale and dull after months without contact with air and sun, so take some color will not come badly. We can help our body from the inside with a plus of vitamins that increase our production of melanin and prevent us to burn. To prevent premature aging always use sunscreen. You can apply self-tanner for the first few days do not look so white.

Exfoliate your face and body twice a week in a gentle, to remove all the dead cells and impurities, and with greater intensity in areas like knees and elbows. Then you apply on your face mask that nourishes you in depth, and body moisturizer. Get elastic skin and shine brighter than the sun.

It is very important not to forget the hair, for during the next few months will suffer many attacks. Take care and spoil it with specific products both for washing and conditioning as to protect.

Do not forget to shave, there’s still time to opt for the laser to permanently delete the hairs on your body. And if you have areas of fat that during the winter you have not managed to eliminate, it is best that you go to a beauty center where you indicate which method is best for you.

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