Prepare your hair for spring

With the arrival of spring, the months of good weather and these days in which the coat begins to overrun, it is necessary that we put all parts of our body according to the temperature that we are about to experience.

prepare hair for spring

Although the weeks that we are waiting all year and good sunshine can not hurt anyone, it is true that we must be cautious with certain aspects. What do we mean? Specifically to the hair. While many are looking forward to the summer so that we can clarify the natural color of our hair, or retrieve the lost luster over the winter, we have to take some care.

To begin, we must not abuse the dryer. When we begin to do well, we can maintain the health of our hair in this way. If we did not dry it every time we come to wash the head, it will regain its shine, since constant heat and jerks than we often without intention to untangle can damage it and a lot. So once you begin to do well, go on from the dryer and leave it to the air. Just like irons or curlers.

On the other hand, this is a double-edged weapon because although the sun and good weather are great for your hair, be in too much exposure can make things worse than the positive. Therefore, think always completely fundamental, protective masks for this type of weeks leading up to the good weather. This way, applying them once a month with the hair completely dry and leaving them dry, pun intended, a reasonable time, we will protect our hair at all times.

In addition, if we want our hair be our hallmark, it is time to clean it up. Cut your ends, reviewed the layers, and so will not suffer so much with the sun, the chlorine of the swimming pool and other factors.

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