Prepare your skin for winter!

Although we believe that in winter the skin is more than ever and is in summer when enjoying a unique health is not the rest of the year, there are times when the opposite occurs.

prepare skin

The fact that during the hot months the dermis is exposed daily in the sun and almost all hours of the day, since reflects it being in ties or dresses as well cannot help but to dry more than desired.

In addition, abuse of the pool and chlorine or sea salt can be achieved not recover from external agents that damage during the year.

For it, it is necessary to make use during every month of the year of products as body milk, or corporal milk or cream, right out of the shower, and even several times a day depending on the skin itself.

It is for this reason that in this way, we get not only the dermis to recover from the excesses of summer with the sun and sea water, but we prepared from deep to get to spend a mild winter without trouble.

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