Preppy Ponytail: The ponytail more polished!

With the arrival of the summer, the ponytails are high and uninhabited to add a note of freshness to our look. However, if there is a ponytail that never goes out of fashion whatever the time of the year in which we find ourselves, this is the classic polished ponytail. Attentive, because the preppy hairstyle is going more strong. Are you ready to find out?

preppy ponytail

Taut and extra-smooth. This is the letter of the most suggestive and exclusive collected this season. Preppy-style, the traditional ponytail wrap is left by the exquisiteness and delicacy for a tall hairstyle that puts the finishing touch to our look.

The fashion designers of large bet on the safe side. A polished ponytail hairstyle becomes perfect for adding a touch of elegance and simplicity to our clothes. Although it may seem a mere collected, varieties of this classic play are many.

Before getting your tight ponytail, try to apply a few drops of hair oil all over your hair: in addition to ease the styling, will help to protect it from excessive heat come off the iron. If your hair is curly, apply more amounts for the root and tip.

Then smooth your hair well to get a “table effect”. To facilitate the task, divide it into sections. The more classic version of this hairstyle marks the height to middle of head and with all the clear face. Since we suggest you defy the rules and commit to new ways. Do you dare?

preppy ponytail

Taylor Swift gets add a childish touch and tender completing her ponytail with long bangs at the height of the eyebrows. If you do not wear bangs, try one hairpiece. The celebs have already done!

preppy ponytail

The twist will get it copied the look of the gorgeous Jessica Alba. The actress is encouraged to pick up her hair with a side ponytail and parted on the side marked. What do you think?

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