Protect yourself from the cold with style

The weather turns cold and it’s time to take full shelter but that does not mean we have to lose the glamour. We give you the keys for warmth with style.

cold with style

Every time we move more in the winter and it’s time to go leaving jackets and sweaters this fall to one side and let us with a good coat that protects us from the cold. Often think that when we have to take shelter really loses the style, but nothing is certain. There are many ways to bundle with glamour in clothes that we will be perfect every day.

A basic in our winter wardrobe is the feathered. Such coats guarding us well from the cold and away from the image that we have of them as informal garments from day to day, there are very elegant “feathers” that we can use for any occasion. Choose such a hacking jacket with flaps that look great with skinny jeans and heels and it will protect you from the cold. Or also one long three-quarter belt that fit your waist. You can wear it with skirts despite freezing temperatures.

Another option for the winter is the coats with hood and hair. There are all kinds, from the most informal type jacket up to the overcoats of cloth with lining and hair. The latter are ideal for a night out and be perfect and warm.

Hair coats animal print are trend this winter, the advise for the most daring and also warn you that before you purchase one must be very confident since these garments are very susceptible to tiring for its prints.

Another trend that returns is the “sheepskin”. The coats that combine suede and sheepskin with suede, in its lining and cuffs and collars, come out very well for the winter because these are very hot and also give us a very modern and chic. If you combine them with a wool cap in light colors will be great. If you do not like feathers and do not see with lamb necks or hair there are more options.

The winter cloth coats come this winter with very high collar to protect us from the cold. If you choose to inside cover will be very warm at the same time elegant. As you can see there are many options to stay warm in winter and not lose an ounce of style or elegance.

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