Beauty at home: Quick and easy Pedicure

Our feet are one of the body parts that suffer. And suffer more throughout the day: long walks, seedlings of foot, daily walks … So you must reward it with a pedicure session per week to keep it nice and beautiful. With these simple tricks you don’t have to leave home to do so. What are you waiting for?

easy pedicure

Attends to all of these tips and don’t suffer more at your feet. It is a fundamental part of our body and its care is always forgotten. Build coalitions to a good pedicure. You will be grateful.

Nail polish remover and nail file
The first thing to do is remove the nail with a cotton pad. In the case of not carry painted, no matter: it is advisable to wipe your nails with nail polish remover to remove grease residues deposited on the nails and that make difficult the adhesion of enamel.

Then file your nails always in the same direction until the desired length. Remember that toenails do not need to take it very long. With in excess of a few millimeters of your fingertips, you’ll get a more elegant and natural. Finally, rounded the edges of the nails, especially the thumbs, to avoid nailing it to the skin and form the annoying hangnail.

Removes cuticles
To soften the skin, put your feet soaked in warm water and soap or bath salts. Keep it inside for at least 5 minutes. Then used the wooden stick to push back the cuticle and cut when necessary.

Exfoliate the skin
Use a pumice stone to remove calluses. Emphasis is on the edges of the heels and under the fingers, the most sensitive areas. If you have a pumice stone, you can use a nail file to feet. When finished, rinse your feet with a splash of cold water. Calm the area with a thick layer of moisturizer.

Paint nails
The last step is to add color to your feet. First, spend a protective base coat enamel color don’t stay glued to the nail, and so will be easier to delete it the next time. After drying, apply the first coat of color with three vertical strokes: left, center, right.

Thus, properly distribute the color get across the nail without weighing. When dry, go nails with a second colored layer that cover the imperfections. To finish, add brightness to protect the color.

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