Reach New Heights of Success with a Comfy Insole

“Perception is reality. If you are perceived to be something, you might as well be it because that’s the truth in people’s minds”, quarterback Steve Young said. When Young argued with the head coach, the team saw him as a confident and strong, and with this perception, they were ready to follow him on the field. If others see you as confident, you will act more confident and become more confident. What makes people believe a person is confident? One indisputable factor is height.

comfy insole

According to recent research, tall people are perceived to be more intelligent, confident, and powerful than shorter people. It follows then, that taller people actually are more intelligent, confident, and powerful—because, as Young says, “it’s the truth in people’s minds”. Anecdotal tales say that taller people have more dates, have better relationships, and make more money—nearly $800 more per inch per year, says A. Cohen in The Tall Book. All these successes are related to the perception of intelligence and confidence that come with height.

So, how does an average height person become taller without traumatic surgery? How can you be perceived as taller, thus more confident and more intelligent?

Louis XIV, King of France, compensated for his mere 5’4″ height by wearing high heeled shoes, starting a trend; high heeled shoes were quite fashionable for men in 18th century France. Since then high heels have become something that only women wear, making them undesirable for men in the modern era who wish to add some height to their stature. Luckily companies like Add Height have created a product that adds inches without resorting to heels.

Shoe lifts, or height insoles, come in a variety of styles and are made of a variety of materials. The basic generic model is a foam wedge. This model is good enough for height, but it’s not very comfortable or very long lasting. Other varieties offer “customization”, meaning the wearer adds layers for more height; these increase height but lack stability and can cause back and knee pain.

In order to be tall, confident, and healthy, you want comfort and durability. The perfect insoles for the long term are designed for comfort and support. The well-designed models have three layers: a memory foam top layer, silicone gel center layer, and a firm plastic foundation. Solid construction makes these models firm enough for stability and flexible enough for comfort, reducing the chances of foot, back, and knee pain. As an added bonus the best insoles are interchangeable and can be switched from sneakers to dress shoes to boots.

Increasing height increases the perception of confidence which increases self-esteem which increases success in all aspects of life. This is a domino effect that you stand to gain from. Improve your life and reach new heights of success with a comfy insole.

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