Short and Thick Legs: Tips for Dressing Up Well

Are your legs short and thick? Do not worry, here are some tips to dress well and using the stylized legs….

short legs

If your legs are short and thick do not worry, there are a lot of tricks you can use to dress well. Undoubtedly, you can gain a few centimeters (without having to be up all day in a few heels) with some very easy tips to apply. The reality is that everything is a matter of proportions and of achieving a certain optical effect. Then you have the best tips so that your legs don’t look short or thick.

Tips for dressing well if your legs are short and thick

Many of us envy the long, stylized legs of some women, but even if your legs are short and thick you can make them appear longer. You just need to apply the following tips. In reality, it’s all a matter of using the right garments, of proportions and of achieving a favorable optical effect.

Short miniskirts: The shorter the miniskirt, the better. The miniskirt should be kept several centimeters above the knees, so you get a visual effect that will lengthen your legs. In winter wear stockings of the same color as the miniskirt, so your legs will look longer.

High Waist Pants: High Waist Pants are the ideal model for your legs to look taller. These can be jeans, plain, wide or printed pants etc., the question is that these have a high waist.

Use platforms: Wearing platform shoes added about four or five centimeters to your legs. In addition, platform shoes help you gain inches without giving up comfort.

Heeled shoes: If you are not one of those who suffers when wearing high heels, do not give up them. Logically, the heel shoes will stylize your legs and make them look less thick and short.

Short jackets: Do not wear long jackets, best bet for short jackets. The jackets that best fit you are those that reach you just above the hip. This way your legs will appear to start a few centimeters higher.

Skater style: Dresses or skirts that have a cut in skater style are perfect for girls who have short legs, as attention is concentrated at the waist. In addition, it is also a very fashionable and trendy skirt model.

Monochrome look: Total look or monochrome looks help you create an optical illusion. When wearing a look of a single color the eyes perceive a more slender silhouette. You can wear garments of the color that you want: in black, red, white, blue…

Long skirts: It has always been said that long skirts are not for the short girls or the short legs. The reality is that you can use maxi skirts when you want. To do your legs look longer, wear maxi skirts with a high waist and a pair of wedge shoes.

Length of the pants: To make your legs look less thick and short, use pants that reach the floor to cover the shoe. Do not wear capri pants, pirate or palazzo, since these usually make the legs shorter.

Vertical stripes: The vertical stripes print is a basic print when extending the silhouette. You can wear striped dresses, vertical striped pants…

The perfect garment: Empire dresses are ideal for women with short and thick legs. These types of models mark the area below the chest and fall lightly and without adjusting on the hips, will make your legs look longer and more stylized.

Nude shoes: Nude shoes lengthen your legs because it creates a feeling of continuity with the skin. Choose a nude shoe the same tone as your skin, so it will make your legs seem endless.

You should avoid: So that your legs do not look short or thick you should avoid wearing: ankle bracelet shoes, capri or culotte pants, oversize clothing, long shirts or blouses, knee-length skirts, low waist pants, very large and eye-catching prints, large accessories, high boots…

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